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Safeguarding policy

Safeguarding Policy - Children & Adults

Trinity church Totton

Wessex Synod

(This policy last updated in May 2017)
Last reviewed 2 March 20
Next review - in progress (March 2024)

Safeguarding Policy – Contents



Sources of advice, guidance and support            

Children’s Services

Adult Services           


Aim and purpose of this Policy

Who this policy applies to

Duty of care and confidentiality

Conditions for Hirers


Practical considerations and procedures

Preventing abuse

Work planning

Adult to child ratios

Good practice with colleagues

Parental consent and responsibility

Disputes between parents and youth / children’s work leaders   

Risk assessments


Use of telecommunications and computers,
social media such as Faceboo

Personal Accounts

Church Organisation Accounts

Use of the internet

Text messaging


Photography and extra-curricular activities


What are we protecting people from?

How to recognise abuse

What to do if there is a disclosure or allegation of abuse

Procedure in the event of a concern of abuse

If an allegation is regarding someone from within the Church

If an allegation is regarding a Church worker

Referral criteria

Concerns outside the referral criteria

Who should be informed of a referral


Concerns / Complaints regarding this policy



Appendix 1     Safeguarding Policy Statement 


Appendix 2     The Role of a Church Safeguarding Co-ordinator  


Appendix 3     Code of Conduct 


Appendix 4     Lone Working Policy 


Appendix 5    Consent Form
[Included with Master document at Trinity Church]


Appendix 6         Photography


Appendix 7         Definition of Abuse in Children


Appendix 8         Definition of Abuse in Adults


Appendix 9       Signs of possible Abuse – Children

[Included with Master document at Trinity Church]


Appendix 10     Signs of possible Abuse – Adults

[Included with Master document at Trinity Church]

Appendix 11     Incident Recording Form

[Included with Master document at Trinity Church]

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