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Safeguarding policy

Safeguarding Policy - Children & Adults

Trinity church Totton

Photography / extra-curricular activities


All photography and storage of imagery complies with Trinity church’s Photography policy which can be found in Appendix 6.

Extra-curricular activities

It is not intended that being a worker, paid or voluntary, should limit the worker’s non-church-related social life.  However, there are certain circumstances where meeting off-site with individuals only known through a church work capacity could be considered unwise and/or make for the creation of special friendships.  These situations should be avoided and the advice of the Synod Safeguarding Officer can be sought.


All Trustees, paid employees and volunteers work within a code of conduct (see Appendix 3) and understand that there may be action taken if this code is not followed. Trinity church will abide by disciplinary procedures as laid out in the churches employees contract

If we become aware of someone within our congregation known or alleged to be a risk to children or adults at risk, we will inform the Synod Safeguarding Officer and co-operate with them and the relevant statutory agencies to put in place a management plan to minimise the risk.

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