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Safeguarding is our commitment to caring and looking after all our people, especially those who are vulnerable.

Published here is our policy statement, as agreed by the Elders (who act as our Trustees) and the Wessex Synod of the URC, with the support of the Southampton Methodist Circuit.

It may seem lengthy and formal, but it is underpinned by the love we are commanded to show to each other in Christ.  As such, it is also a sign that we take seriously our duty of care to those whom the Lord has entrusted us with - and who put their trust in us.

The document is published as formally agreed, except for the removal of some items which contain personal details, also some sections which relate to individual agreements (eg specific consent forms for individual events) or circumstances not appropriate to publish here.

The version shown here was last updated in May 2017, but is reviewed every year.  The last review was on 2 March 2023 and the next review is in progress as the URC (of which we are a part) are updating their "master" policies.

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