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Eco ChurcH

Eco Blog by Chris Marshall (Member of our church)

Why we considered becoming an Eco Church:

  • As Christians we believe we have been given stewardship by God to care for and protect the Earth for the benefit of everyone.

  • We all have an impact on the environment and therefore everyone needs to take responsibility for their own actions and contributions that affect our planet, including how we use our church building.

  • Whatever our political views we cannot ignore the social injustice and impacts that climate change is having on others.


Climate change is not just affecting the polar regions but is now evident worldwide.  Pollution and other environmental damage often affects the poor, who have contributed the least to climate change.  However, recent events have shown that we all now face the consequences of climate change.

An Eco Church is not just the building, it is the people.  We all need to play our part in living more responsibly for the sake of our planet.

As a church, we can do things like using the building more responsibly, supporting organisations campaigning for change and trying to increase awareness of environmental issues in the local community.

As individuals, we can do things like recycling more carefully, using water butts to water our gardens with rainwater instead of tapwater, and (where practical) walking or cycling instead of taking the car.  And all of us can look at our savings and spending - is our money going to organisations which work for the environment and social justice, or to organisations which don't care about these things?

We already have the Bronze award.  To move on to Silver and Gold awards, we need the support of as many people as possible in the church.  We already have a small group working to take our church to the next level.  Please give your prayers and support to this group and our aim to go further.

Eco Church - An A Rocha UK Project

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