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EXploring Faith

"Exploring Faith" is a study/
discussion group which meets on 
Tuesday evenings at the church.

The sessions will include some study
and "teaching" so we all learn
something about God and our lives
with him.  But the emphasis is on
friendly discussion and fellowship so
that we can also all share and learn

from each other.

From May until July we will be doing
the "Big Bible Course" produced by the Bible Society.  We will be looking at what is in the Bible, thinking about some of the issues raised, and thinking about what it means for our lives.

The course sessions are (each session starts at 7:30pm):

14 May - Introducing the Bible

21 May - Creation and Covenant

28 May - No session (half term)

4 June - Exodus and the Promised Land

11 June - Judges and Kings

18 and 25 June - No sessions (holiday break)

2 July - Exile and Prophets

9 July - Jesus and the Gospels

16 July - Acts and the Church

23 July - Revelation and Review

A study book will be available to go with the course.  There will be no charge for the book, but donations towards the cost will be welcome.

All are welcome, even if you cannot come every week.  We plan that "Exploring Faith" will be a regular meeting and you will be welcome whether you can come most weeks or only from time to time.

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