The Spirit Filled Life

Seven steps to experience more of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


  1. Examine yourself to see how much of the Holy Spirit is lacking in your life.

  2. Ask yourself: Is there any unresolved conflict and unrepented sin, or anything I must put right, in order that God may flood my life with the Holy Spirit.

  3. Remind yourself that God is more eager to give to you His Holy Spirit than you are to receive it.

  4. Make receiving the Holy Spirit a matter of priority in your life (e.g. being full of the Spirit has a greater demand on your time and ambitions than hobbies or leisure).

  5. Match God’s self-giving with your giving of self totally to Him.

  6. Ask for the Holy Spirit and reach out in faith to receive Him.

  7. Set your life to obey the Holy Spirit.