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Eco ChurcH

Eco Blog by Chris Marshall (Member of our church)

Eco Church – Our progress so far


Trinity Church is registered as an Eco Church and for those of you who are not yet familiar with this it basically means we have committed to try to do our bit as church community to reduce our carbon emissions and footprints wherever possible. We aim to encourage those around us to become more environmentally aware of the impacts that running a church building and the activities we undertake can have on our planet.

There are 3 awards, with 5 categories in each, to work towards and these are:

Worship and teaching, buildings, land, community and global engagement, and lifestyles.

We are currently aiming for our Bronze Award.

In this article the focus is on the first category of Worship and Teaching and in this section there are 10 actions we are encouraged to look at with regards to the way we talk and pray about God’s wonderful creation. We need to ask ourselves if …

  • Special Sundays relating to caring for God's earth are celebrated in our church?

  • The hymns and songs in our church services enable us to celebrate God’s creation?

  • Our church prays for environmental issues?

  • Caring for God’s earth is preached in our church?

  • Our church hosts guest speakers from A Rocha UK or other Christian environmental organisations (e.g. Christian Aid, Tearfund, Green Christian, The John Ray Initiative) to talk about environmental issues?

  • Caring for God’s earth features as a teaching theme in our church’s youth work?

  • Caring for God’s earth features as a teaching theme in our church’s children’s work?

  • Caring for God’s earth features as a focus of small group study in our church?

  • Our church’s communications (e.g. newsletters, service sheets, magazines, social media etc.) include items relating to the theme of caring for God’s earth?

  • The leadership have made a formal commitment to improving the environmental credentials of our church by endorsing the undertaking of work towards an Eco Church Award?


Whilst we cannot currently answer yes to every one of these questions, we do definitely cover most of them in our regular worship and teaching. Since the church made the commitment to improve our environmental credentials our minister Trish, our minister in training Ruth, and Eden have all been very proactive in their messaging and the Girls Brigade recently led a service about caring for environment based around their ongoing sessions working towards their eco badges. The children’s team on Sunday mornings has also been looking and learning about Gods creation.

Going forwards, we as a church, could look at setting up a small focus study group, pray more together for environmental issues and hosting a guest speaker from one of the Christian environmental organisations; however, I am delighted to let you know that we have exceeded our requirements to meet the Bronze level criteria in this category.

Thank you to all those who have embraced this and if you feel inspired to help Trinity Church progress through the Eco Church Award program please speak to Chris Marshall or visit the A Rocha website.

Eco Church - An A Rocha UK Project

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